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It seems that everyone’s favorite anti-video game pundit/lawyer Jack Thompson has had the judge responsible for his trial release her report.  Within the report, Judge Dava Tunis reccommended 27 guilty charges out of 31 possible ones.   This is according to Ars Technica which heavily quotes which has apparently been tracking the trial.   In the absence of details, it is hard to say much about this.  However, Jack Thompson has been notorious for some wacky behavior and extensive use of hyperboles.  Apparently he hasn’t changed.   Ars Technica reports that Mr. Thompson has included gay porn and a surreal coloring book, among other things in his 400 additional “…pleadings, letters and missives(including pictorials)…” which Thomopson has sent to the Judge.   As I find more details, I’ll editorialize a little more.  But based upon what I’ve read so far, it seems as if Jack Thompson has been anything but professional during the trial.    Putting every other flaw Mr. Thompson has, it’s telling that in such an important trial, he has, according to reports, acted like anything other than a lawyer or even an adult.   Of course without Mr. Thompson, who will we have to compare the executive of Take Two to the NAZIs?  Heavy on the sarcasm of course.