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It’s a rare incident for me to find a weapon where it’s very concept scares me.   Straight from the fine folks at Gizmodo(via Technabob, via UK Daily Mail) we have the WASP knife.   Apparently the WASP knife is a hunting knife.  But unlike most other knives, it features a special little secret.   It features a can of compressed air, which sounds like an odd thing for a knife to have.   That is until you realize it injects the compressed air into the victim, at which point the air expands rapidly displacing internal organs.   If that’s not scary enough, the compressed air also freezes the skin and organs near the entry point.   Oh and the best part is that it’s just as effective underwater as on dry land and the WASP site lists it’s price as a measly $379.95.  WHAT A STEAL!


For those interested in seeing this knife’s potential utility against watermelon enemies, check out the video from the WASP knife website.  This knife has to be the best combination of wickedly awesome gadgetry and terrifyingly deadly weaponry.  As if getting stabbed wasn’t bad enough…