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A fine young atheist.   I have to join P.Z. Meyers in giving gogreen18 a godless clenched fist salute for this lucid, passionate explanation of the reasons why atheists need to speak out.

Thanks to P.Z. and Pharyngula.


The New York Times has an interesting article about Hindu violence against Christians in India.   The story’s interesting for the fact that it seems as though most Westerner’s think that it’s only the big three monotheistic religions which suffer from violence.   However, it seems as if India is suffering from internal religious strife.

There are, apparently, reports of Hindu forcing their neighbors to convert to Hinduismor face the threat of exile or even death.   As usual, the persecuted are the minority of the country.   Christians make up about two percent of the majority Hindu population.   The violence is nominally caused by the death of a Hindu preacher who had preached against Christianity.   Authorities seem to believe that Maoist guerillas were responsible, but the Hindu(radicals according to Times) have, nevertheless, blamed the Christians.

The only question ought to be.   Is any of this really surprising?

Not really.