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Science Is…

Science is…

Science is hard.

Science is a profession.

Science is a way to understand the world.

Science is being wrong, and still succeeding.

Science isn’t a religion.

Science is the feeling you got seeing “The Pillars of Creation”.

Science isn’t a panacea.

Science is a means, not an end.

Science is the love of wisdom.

Science is a candle in the dark(Thanks Sagan).

Science is a hope for the future.

Science isn’t arrogrant.

Science is wonder.


Science is…



  1. Telepath phenomena happens around me and could be proved repeatedly. Lets use a scientific way to explain the mysterious phenomena happens around me and could be proved repeatedly. Investigate it you will be rewarded abundantly.

  2. Nice little piece, I like it 😀

  3. I’ve often thought “I am science…”

  4. Science is.. using the mechanics of the world to answer the questions we all want to know using proven values and laws. This is why I ❤ science. It's not filled with propaganda and exaggerations like our history books. Science is just, science. Naturally.


  5. very nice!

  6. Good work.I am very happy to read your blog.I read again and again.Because it is short but everything in these lines.So well done and thanks for this blog.Thanks once again.Beast of luck ………………..

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